Jumex - 100% fruit juices, fruit nectars and fruit drinks

The Jumex Company has been a supplier of premium fruit drinks, fruit nectars and 100% fruit juices from sunny Mexico since 1961. The brand’s name is derived from the words Jugos and Mexicanos meaning Mexican juices. Years of tradition in producing non-alcoholic beverages and top quality of its juices made Jumex the number one brand not only in Mexico but Central America as well.

Even the packaging of Jumex beverages is unique - they are sold in a re-sealable “Stay Cool” cans. This signature bottle keeps the drink cool and later it can also be used. The “Stay Cool” comes in 473 ml volumes.

The Mexican beverages from the Jumex company have been on the Czech market since 2014 and demand for them has been on the rise ever since. Jumex offers a wide range of juices with traditional as well as exotic flavors, such as orange, pomegranate, peach, pineapple, apple, mango, cranberry, pear, strawberry and banana, soursop, apricot, coconut and pineapple, guava, papaya and pineapple, and strawberry. Apart from the “Stay Cool” can Jumex offers regular cans and Tetra Pack carton containers, ranging in volumes of 335 ml, 473 ml and 1 liter.

Try Jumex - a real taste of fruit!